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Fun and Complications With Name Meanings and Culture

Well, this something that's had me vaguely amused and slightly exasperated for a while.

See, my given name is Jamie... which apparently means "supplanter" (i.e. "usurper"!). Unfortunately, I also discovered that the closest equivalent pronunciations in Japanese (which I'm learning right now) apparently either refer to radio/TV interference(!?), or are difficult to write without resorting to unusual katakana combos, which some Japanese might have difficulty pronouncing and certainly which are hard to type (Jeimi really is practically impossible to get in katakana on the computer, or at least I had difficulty with it, but that may just be because I haven't been 100% capable of learning to use the Japanese keyboard function that I have to assume is built into this and other Vista computers, so I end up copy and pasting Japanese characters instead). Wow. So my translated name meaning would sound incredibly arrogant, but the closest equivalents would either be difficult to write, or silly or, just... GAH.

It's sort of funny, really. XD

So though, have any of you guys had this same or similar difficulty when learning to introduce yourself in another language? And what would you suggest, in the long run? My middle name would be much easier to transliterate and all, but I'd prefer not to use it, really, since I don't normally go by it even in English or Spanish.

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