Joseph (bonsly) wrote in linguaphiles,

Portuguese "Ficar" and "Galician or lazy Portuguese?"

When would you use "Ficar?" I'm having serious issues with this verb. On certain things I get it, but most of the time, my head doesn't seem to process this word. Example:

"Fica em contacto com" - I know means "Stay in contact with"

However, today I was watching the Portuguese news and the reporter used to "Ficar" to signify that they were going to show the forecast. Something like "Vamos ficar com o tempo." As well, I think "Onde ficas?" Means "Where are you?" Yes?


About the Galician thing. Two times, on this Portuguese channel I have, I heard two people speak what I thought was Portuguese. However, the more I heard them speak, the more I kept thinking it was just two Spanish people speaking Portuguese as if they were speaking Spanish. Get it? The only way I would have know they were speaking Portuguese was because they did, and it appeared forced, pronounce the final "s" as "sh." Or was that Galician? I've never heard people speak Galician, so I don't know. OR was it really just two Spanish people who didn't really care if they got the full Portuguese accent?

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