Cold Ethyl (i_like_bats) wrote in linguaphiles,
Cold Ethyl

Reading, writing Farsi.

This might be a stupid question but how hard is it to learn to read and write Farsi? I understand it perfectly- anything anyone says I'm good. Songs are a little trickier but I figure it out heh. My dad spoke it to me my entire childhood (I'm half Turkish so my mom spoke Turkish and for the longest time I didn't think my parents could understand each other. Then I heard my dad speak Turkish when I was like 5 and pretty much stopped talking Farsi and switched to Turkish full time) and I used to be fluent but now when I speak I have an unfortunate American accent and I stammer a lot.

I was thinking about taking classes at Harvard and I've heard they are for my level, but I was just curious. My boyfriend taught himself in like a month but he's like a linguistic genius seeing as how he learned Turkish in about a year and a half and also taught himself to read Cyrillic and Greek (though he doesn't understand what he's reading).
Tags: farsi

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