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Translating poetry/song lyrics?

So sometimes I like to translate songs from Hindi movies just for fun and to practice, but I keep running into something I'm not sure about, and I was wondering what all of your thoughts were. When something is supposed to be "poetic," how do you find a balance between the actual meaning and trying to keep it sounding poetic/beautiful? I'm having a really hard time being happy with my translations because even though the words and meanings sound really nice in Hindi (and in other languages when I've tried it with songs in other languages, but Hindi's the only one I really translate with these days) but they just sound really stupid in English. I'm not getting paid or graded for these translations so it doesn't really matter, I guess, but I'm just wondering if anyone else does this, and if you do then what steps you take to try to make the translation both sound nice in the target language and be as close to the original as possible.

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