oviaukko (oviaukko) wrote in linguaphiles,

forget VS forgot

i remember being taught in school that forget is the proper use of the word but i've always heard people use the two pretty much interchangeably or at least not really giving thought to which they use. lately forgot has gained even more ground, i think, and i notice it even in my own use of english (not a native speaker, btw).

anyway, i guess i'm looking for your experiences with the two alternatives, forget and forgot. do people use them interchangeably where you live or is there a clear distinction?

thanks for any input!

EDIT: thank you for pointing out that my question was rather confusing. i've edited the whole post and would like to add the following...

forgot IS the past tense, i'm aware of this. however, it seems to me that people are starting to use forgot instead of forget (or at least not paying much attention to the fact that the two are different). it could very well be regional so i guess i'm looking for your personal "statistics" of how you think people in your area use the two words.
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