AF (autumnreverie) wrote in linguaphiles,

Linguistic survey about English :)

Edit: Any more guys want to take the survey...? The male to female ratio of participants is low at the moment... :P

Hi everyone! You may remember me posting a while back with a pilot survey for a bigger research project. Well, now I have the full survey up and running, so please feel free to participate; I can use all the responses I can get. I would love to have people of all ages, so e-mail it to parents and relatives if you want! Native English speakers are ideal, but you can still take it if English is your second langauge. Here is the link:

It will take probably 10-15 minutes to complete. You will be rating the acceptability of some sentences in English and also writing out a sentence from a Youtube video.

I will be screening the comments on this post just so that any info about the survey content will not be spoiled for later participants. :P But I definitely encourage feedback - either here or on the comments fields of the survey.

Thanks in advance! I got some great data for the pilot, and I'm looking forward to seeing the results of this one.

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