Мария Капшина, Морана, Spielbrecher (viata) wrote in linguaphiles,
Мария Капшина, Морана, Spielbrecher

Terms for virtual reality

A slightly weird question, probably.

On one hand, the English word "virtual" means hypothetical, computer simulated, like in virtual reality vs, so to say, real reality. While on the other hand, it means true, actual, real.
In Russian виртуальный (virtualny) means computer simulated; same for the Japanese バーチャル (baacharu).
In the Romance languages virtuel (French), virtuale (Italian) and virtual (Spanish) seem to have the same set of meanings: hidden, potential, simulated.

UPD: Okay, sorry, my English leaves much to be desired. But still, what are the terms for virtual reality in other languages? Do any of them have other connotations than computer simulated?

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