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Urdu script?

So I already speak Hindi and I can read Devanagari, but I'd really like to learn how to read Urdu script because the two languages are so alike/the same and I just want to know how to read it. My problem: I'm having a lot of trouble staying interested through most of the lessons I can find because they all try to teach grammar and vocab, which at this point I don't really need. Does anyone have any recommendations for good books or websites that just focus on learning the script? Preferably ones that have good, easy explanations because the reason I've been needing to go through the lessons in the sites I've been finding is because the basic explanations for how the alphabet works just don't seem to "click" in my brain. I'm really hoping to avoid spending a lot of time studying Arabic for this (while it's on my list, it's lower priority than several other languages, and I really want to get more of those out of the way first). Thanks for any help!
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