Firerose Arien (firerosearien) wrote in linguaphiles,
Firerose Arien

Hey guys, I am hoping you could help me with a Latin translation.

The text is:

Prior de Chale petit versus Walterum de Stanton' et alberdam uxorem ejus iij. bovatas terre cum pertinentiis in Crophill sicut jus ecclesie sue: et Walterus predictus positus loco Albrede venit et petit visum terre. Habeat visum. Dies datus eis in adventu justiciarirum: et interim fiat visus.

To the best of my knowlege it's some guy named Charles petitioning a dude name Walter about cows, but I don't speak latin.

What I need to know I already know and am just looking for some more input.

Thanks so much and a happy thanksgiving/holiday/festivus/thursday to everyone.

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