Je suis french, I drink too much (troisnuits) wrote in linguaphiles,
Je suis french, I drink too much

Memorising Kanji

Hi everyone!

I'm an English & French speaker who's previously done a few years of Spanish and Russian (all of that is gone, except for my ability to read and write in the cyrillic alphabet :P).
I'm doing a degree in Japanese and I am really struggling with finding the best way to learn how to write kanjis. Well, how to remember all the various transcriptions, rather. I feel completely overwhelmed by them already although we've only been through seventy of them or so. I have the time and I think the dedication to do OK, but I really need a decent methodology.

The material we work with is a print-out she gave us (of hundreds of pages) broken down into numbered lessons. Except there is no theme to each lesson or anything, it's totally arbitrary. And they are no classified by key or anything either.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Also I do not have a photographic memory at all which I think complicates things :/

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