Amaunet (amaunet_1) wrote in linguaphiles,

ניסיון / "Nisayon" (Hebrew)

Hi everybody who speaks Hebrew.

Would you please share your thoughts and knowledges (as deep as possible, on any abstract level, anything you may have to say about): the word: ניסיון.
Which is pronounced, as far as I know, as Nisayon, and which is translated (in on-line dictionaries) as:
nm. experience; experiment, test; trial, attempt, try, shot, effort, fling, go, essay, ordeal, probation.

I've already read a wonderful article at comparing nes and nisayon.

This is basically, what I'm most interested in:
different meanings, synonyms and ROOTS!

The context I'm working at is:
Abraham and his 10 nisayons.

Thanks to everybody in advance,

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