ryan (rmg7) wrote in linguaphiles,

difficulty of multilingualism?

Hi, everyone

I was thinking about how I am aspiring to fluently speak French and Japanese once I am older, and have a steady job and such. However I was curious about a few things regarding the process of learning two new languages. Are there any techniques to ease the process of learning two languages? Which should I engage in first? And is keeping all that knowledge in your head as easy as it may seem to people?

Also, on another note, to anyone who has gone through learning French or Japanese, could somebody tell you what helped you most with becoming fluent with these languages? What was the most difficult part of it? I find myself pretty good with languages so I don't find any ideas of grammar or linguistics that hard to understand, it all comes easy for me, so that's something to put in mind.

I hope anyone here who is fluent in three languages can answer this question for me.

Thanks in advance!

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