Juliet Capulet (euphoric1dr) wrote in linguaphiles,
Juliet Capulet

Spanish help

Hi guys,

I'm still confused on the following points/concepts, and would appreciate any insight on how to better grasp these!

1. If I want to say 'I realize' or 'I realized/did not realize that' how do I conjugate this verb? I know it's darse cuenta, But for translating these phrases I've seen, yo me doy cuenta, yo me di cuenta, a mi soy dado cuenta di, or es dado cuenta a mi...please help on this one! I feel like there are so many occasions when I want to say 'I didn't realize that!' or ask someone 'did you realize that?' and I never know how to conjugate it properly!

2. If I wanted to ask someone for something, but the 'for' was implied, would I still use the verb pedir? For example, if I want to say 'I asked him for a cup of coffee' would I say
'Pedí que el dime un café'? And if I want to say 'I asked him if he knew Italian' would I say it with preguntar, i.e. 'Yo lo pregunté si el supo italiano'?

3. Does the verb 'recordar' also require reflexive pronouns, like 'olvidar'? I have been told yes and no, and I've seen it conjugated both with and without.

4. When do you know to use 'que' versus 'de' to indicate comparisons, like 'than'? for example, to say 'he knows more than me about philosophy' do i say 'el sabe mas que yo, acerca de la filosofia' or do i say 'el sabe mas DE yo' ?

5. If I want to say something made me happy, or I felt happy about something, is this the imperfect or perfect past?

for example: would I say 'Me hizo feliz.' For 'it made me happy' or would I say 'Sentía feliz' or 'Yo me sentía feliz'?

Thanks so much you guys =)

Y, buena suerte a todos con sus estudios!

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