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How to learn indigenous Mexican/Central American languages?

I'm interested in learning some languages indigenous to Mexico and Central America. Well, not all, but I would at least like to reach a basic conversational level in a few and then try and work on fluency one at a time. However, I'm having trouble finding resources for the languages I'm interested in, which are Mixtec, Triqui, Quiché, and Zapotec. The only thing I have found so far are crappy vocabulary lists of dubious accuracy and with no pronunciation or grammar guidance, and this, which is a program for Mixtec at a Uni in San Diego (I live in Texas...not feasible). I am fluent in Spanish and therefore could use resources in either English or Spanish. At the moment, I'm only interested in learning how to speak the languages, preferably in a conversational and practical manner, although literacy might be interesting later on (not sure how many of those languages have a written form, though).

So, does anybody have any idea where one can go to learn one of these languages? Books or websites? Courses? Any suggestions will be much appreciated!


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