Woody, official 'utlh and all-round good bastard (ubykhlives) wrote in linguaphiles,
Woody, official 'utlh and all-round good bastard

Russian phonetics

Hi all,

Could someone who's familiar with Russian phonetics tell me whether the stops represented by д т are characterised as fundamentally dental or alveolar in articulation? That is, are they to be represented as [d̪ t̪] or as [d t]? A couple of the Ubykh texts I have are rather confusingly referring to the alveolar series [d t t’ ʣ ʦ ʦ’ z s] as "dental" and the retroflex series [ɖʐ ʈʂ ʈʂ’ ʐ ʂ] as "alveolar", and I'm wondering whether this is due in part to the Russian pronunciations of д т.

wɜn ɕʷɨʃʷɜqʼɨnɐχ!

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