ВАРФО (varpho) wrote in linguaphiles,

Hebrew and Hungarian grammatical analogies

it's really pity that János Sylvester didn't base his Hungarian grammar on the Hebrew grammar. because the more i get to learn about Hebrew grammar, the more similarities and analogies with Hungarian language i find:

dagesh | assimilation of v [-val/vel etc.]

change of consonants order in hitpael if ש, צ, ס | teher - terhes, kehely - kelyhek

expression of possession [possessive suffixes]

binyan | igenem

object suffixes | two conjugations and implicativus [-lak/lek] - it makes possible omitting the object


[disclaimer: what i want to say is that the Hebrew description of grammar suits Hungarian language better than the Latin tradition. i do not claim that Hungarian and Hebrew are related or nothing like that. :)]
Tags: hebrew, hungarian

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