Твоя тень (miriena) wrote in linguaphiles,
Твоя тень

UK English and French

(that's right, in the same post ;-) hehe)

I am curious if there are any native speakers of some dialect of British English or French around these parts of LJ who also have experience in phonetics (mostly phonetic transcription). I'm working on a project and I myself do not speak French or the dialect of English that I'm interested in (I don't think I'll be picky about what dialect of UK English you speak, really..) so I'm not really able to do much of this work on my own.

Basically I need some help with transcriptions in each language. It's definitely a paid opportunity, linguists need money, after all! :-) mmmm, ramen... $$$$

So, in summary: if you're a native speaker of French or some variety of UK English and a linguist with experience making phonetic transcriptions, AND you would like to use your IPA skills--wheee!--while making some money on the side--contact me, I have a project I am needing help with very much and your help would be greatly appreciated. Just FYI, you don't need to be the god of phonetics to help make these transcriptions, it'd be enough if you knew what the IPA is, where to look up the symbols if you can't remember them right away and have made some transcriptions in the past, that's it, I think... No transcribing speech, nothing like that, just how to pronounce some text since I don't really have the language/dialect profeciency to do so myself.

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