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fresh off the ufo

Christmas (sorry!)

I just noticed that Dan Everett has a new book out this month (I will be reading it more for its interest than its scientific value, though I'm not really in a position to judge/assume either), and that along with a few other hardcover books are going to be put on to a Christmas list that should make present giving a heck of a lot easier for a few of my close relatives.

I'm still a few books short and so I was wondering if anybody had a suggestion or two. As for what I'm looking for; my interests are broad but for now I'll just ask about books concerning language in some way, or touch on language (e.g. anthropology, psychology, human cognition, etc.), and preferably books that will age well, though I'm not really sure what that means myself. Recently I've been delving into a texts on syntax, psychology, and other linguistic/cognitive science topics, and I'm OK with the heavy language (I'm alright wrapping my head around Chomsky in Rules and Regulations), but I am really looking for an enjoyable read here, hopefully without having to deal with too much pop.

Sorry for the difficult post, and I know it's not the first post this year asking for book recommendations (I am looking through the previous replies!). Any ideas?
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