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Hello; 'tis my introduction

I don't know if it is common to make introductions here, but I'd like to post one anyway.

I'm panzeleche. I think languages are very interesting, especially the more off-beat ones. I'd like to know more about linguistics and how languages relate to each other.

My first language is Spanish, although my spelling in it is a bit off. I started learning English at around four years of age, and I would say that I speak it much better than most of the people around me (it is quite depressing to see the New York Times start a sentence with 'and').

I am learning French. I forgot why. French is cool and useful, plus it's somewhat similar to Spanish. I can read texts if I have my dictionary, but I've never tried talking and rarely have the opportunity to listen. I take classes at my school for French. We are covering the 'imparfait' and the 'conditionnel' right now. I am independently studying Russian. Russian is so awesome~. I've been using '' so far, and it appears to be a good resource. Either way, I'm ordering a Russian grammar book for Christmas. I'm so excited. :3

Um, my other interests are Icelandic (because Iceland is awesome and because it's beautiful), Hindi (it's useful and a friend of mine speaks it), Cornish or Welsh (both are quite cool. I prefer Cornish, but I'm far more likely to find stuff for Welsh, so...), some African language like Zulu (the lion king was translated to Zulu. Plus, Zulu has clicks and those are quite fun to make), and then maybe Japanese (I'm a videogame nerd and I own a copy of Mother 3) or ASL (another friend has a dead sister). I really wanted to learn Icelandic, but the lack of resources was very disheartening. :(

Unfortunately, I cannot buy anything. All my resources have to be free websites. Thankfully, there seems to be many French and Russian websites, but the other languages I have an interest in (mainly Icelandic, Cornish, and Zulu) have a very low number of online resources. If you happen to know of any websites with grammar and other important stuff for the languages listed above, I would be very grateful.

Yeah, that's the end of my long introduction. If you need help in Spanish or translating something to Spanish, don't be afraid to call me. I look forward to doing stuff here. :3

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