panzeleche (panzeleche) wrote in linguaphiles,

Yo, dogs; what's crack-a-lackin'? Or should I say, groovy?

Most of us know that every decade has its own slang. The 70s brought us 'groovy' and 'out of sight', while the 90s gave us 'radical' and 'tubular'. Currently, we have 'fo' shizzle' and all that stuff.

What I'd like to know is the status of 'outdated' slang in other languages. I don't know of any old slang in Spanish. I don't know any slang in French, and I've just started Russian. :P

Is there any style of talking or are there any words that, if used in your language, will brand you as an old geezer who's living in the past?

In addition, I love 1337 and chatspeak. What equivalents are there in other languages? I know the french have something like 'mdr' to replace lol (I think it means mort du rire, but I could have murdered the phrase) and I'm pretty certain all the Spanish kids at school have their own chatspeak as well.

Peace out, mah homedawgs. ttyl~
Tags: slang

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