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Manon des Sources

I'm currently re-reading Manon des Sources, and have two questions arising from it in relation to Méridional French and/or Occitan and/or Catalan.

1) I keep reading references to pèbre d'aï, which seems to be a herb that one can gather on the hills. ("Après, elle a ramassé du pèbre d'aï...") I know that the words mean garlic pepper, but I have never found any dictionary reference to it. Does anyone know what pebre d'ai is? (Sounds rather nice...)

2) Ugolin at one point threatens a lizard (don't bother asking) that he will kill it "un de ces quatre matins, d'un bon coup de fusil." I was reminded of Catalan "des de fa quatre dies" for something really recent, but wondered if anyone had any ideas re why it should be 4 days in either case.

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