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Paul Baptist

Classical Japanese reference project

Hi there!

I've been needing to unwind the past few days, and so I decided that since Japanese Lit. kicked my ass on the Japanese II CSET test I'd go ahead and develop sources for it on LingWiki. While my real weak point tends to be in the post-Muromachi era, I figured it'd be good to start at the beginning and move forward, and as such I decided to start with the 百人一首 since it's a well-known body of work (of manageable size) and provides a nice cross-section of early Japanese authors to build from. I've got a basic article covering what it is and I've catalogued all of the poems from it; only completed about 20 of the author profiles at the moment. Figured I'd throw it out there to see if anyone else was interested.

If anybody would like to help expand the resource, the biggest things that need to be done are to finish the articles on the authors and work on critiques/explanations of the poems. While we're at it, if anyone knows of any good references for Classical Japanese online, please share! I've found this, which gives an excellent introduction to the grammar. Even if you're not into old Japanese or afraid of it, some of the information presented provides an excellent insight into the quirks of modern Japanese and how they got there.

Thanks again, and I hope people find it useful! If anyone has questions about the site, feel free to post them here (if you're having problems with registering, sign up on the board and use the same login for the site and you'll be set).

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