deadlyapples (deadlyapples) wrote in linguaphiles,

Introductory Post

So this is my first post in here...hi!

I'm currently a freshman in high school and and the languages I speak are:
English (of the American variety)-Natively
Spanish-Two years of classes
French-I just started taking classes this year, so I know only the basics.
And  on top of that I can count, say the days of the week, and introduce myself in a few other tongues.
I also know how to read the Greek alphabet and Cyrillic(barely).

I'm really interested in learning both Italian and Japanese eventually, but I can't see myself ever using them very much. I live in New England, so I'm not that far from Quebec, and there are a lot of Spanish speakers in the area, so I can see both French and Spanish being really useful.

So that's me! I just wanted to introduce myself.

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