sailingaway (radioremindsme) wrote in linguaphiles,

2-part question- non-infinite numbers +Spanish

 I'm reading a children's play in Spanish that's meant to be a bit silly.   A trickster is trying to get children to sell him a theatre for "un milenio y un ochavo de billonazos de caramelo de menta".  Am I right in thinking that this is just a made-up number, or is there something I'm missing?  
Would it be properly translated something along the lines of "a million and eighty bazillion mint candies"?

English uses lots of indefinite numbers as hyperbole; I would assume other languages do too.  What are some examples, out of interest?
In English: a bazillion, a kajillion, etc.

ETA:  Another example: "un chocolaseís y medio"-- what would this be?  I think it's a play on chocolate and numbers- what would be a good way to express that in English? (or is there one?)
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