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Calluna V.

Stupid Hindi tricks

I've been asked to do a sort of cameo appearance in an online roleplaying setting of a teen-aged girl raised in Punjab ETA: a Hindustani state, and it's sort of traditional to toss in phrases and exclamations in the character's native language, around the English. I think in some ways that substitutes for accent, which won't come across in the text interactions.

Since this is play and I'm not getting really serious about it, I haven't wanted to toss questions out here. I've been looking at online Hindi phrase collections just to give me a couple things I can use. What I'm noticing is that all the sites use a pretty complex set of phonetic symbols to try to convey the actual Hindi pronunciations. This makes perfect sense. But I'm going to be typing in a setting with no HTML, no special characters. So I'm wondering if there are any conventions for how you transliterate Hindi words if you are stuck just with the Roman alphabet.

For example, one of the obvious choices for my purposes is something I find written as "acchā!" and another is "ṭhīk hai!" Well, I won't be able to get the ā, the ṭ, or the ī. Is there a standard way of transliterating it without? (I do understand that such a transliteration would be horribly inaccurate, but then, even if I could use the phonetic symbols, I doubt any of the people I'll be playing with would know how to read them anyhow.)
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