mllearcenciel (mllearcenciel) wrote in linguaphiles,

I just saw a couple of 'hello' posts from new members, and as I'm a fairly new member I guessed I'd do the same. I hope it's not wasting space or anything!

I'm 18, a native British English speaker, doing an A level in Latin and with an AS-standard in French, though my French is probably not what it was as I haven't used it much for a year or two. I've taught myself some very basic Japanese and I had a basic grounding in Spanish in earlier years at school. I'd pretty much love to learn any language I can think of, though at the moment I love my Latin and would like to get my French up to my former fluency and my Japanese up to conversational level, if possible.

So yeah, that's me. I'd like to be of help to anyone I can, but I'm afraid I'll probably be more often the one asking!

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