LOLIVER (runawayballista) wrote in linguaphiles,

double f in middle english

Hey all!

I'm currently taking a class on Middle English language, and my partner and I are translating (with lots and lots of footnotes!) The Sinner's Lament. However, one thing has us stumped: the occurrence of the double f's at the beginning of some words. We've found in our research that the occurrence of initial double f's indicates capitalization, but that makes no sense in the poem we've been looking at. The text we've been using is here (and we also have the "Moral Love Songs and Laments" compilation text that it's in as well) but there is no footnote,no mention at all of why there'd be double f's in the text. The usage seems sporadic and random. Does anyone have any words of wisdom to offer on this?

Thanks in advance!

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