Ali (alirose) wrote in linguaphiles,


Hello, I joined recently, so I guess I should post an introduction.

I am a native English speaker and I have studied German and Chinese extensively. I majored in Asian Studies in college and although Chinese was my primary Asian language, I also took Japanese. I have also taken Russian and am taking advantage of my free access to self-study software to learn a little Arabic. I plan to take French eventually, since I want to send my daughter to the French immersion school in my area. I have experience teaching Chinese in a variety of settings (from toddlers to college) but now I work as an academic/instructional technologist for the language departments at a small liberal arts college. I love my job because I get to use my languages, take free classes, and be surrounded by language nerds all. the. time.

I'm glad to have found this community! This is a fun place!

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