Amaunet (amaunet_1) wrote in linguaphiles,

Hello everybody,

It's been almost a month I have joined the community but I still haven't introduced myself.

Russian - native
Italian - fluent
English - fluent
Spanish - moderate
French - basic
Hebrew - just started.

I'm anxious to learn an Oriental language (I suppose the first one will be Japanese) once I get at least a firm basic level in Hebrew.

I consider the man's innate ability to communicate is one of the main instruments for world cognition.
In my opinion, learning languages favours the extending of one's perception and stimulates mind's (and heart's) activity and development.
I would say that learning languages fulfill me with the consciousness of infinite possibilities to being passionate about living.

Most of all I'm inspired by discovering unexpected meanings and I enjoy to meet the masterly level of juggling the word meanings.

Etymology is the main sphere of my current interests.

I'm looking forward to impressing discoveries and I find this community to open a wide area of opportunities.

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