ashne (ashne) wrote in linguaphiles,

an invention

Hello everyone. May I ask you for pointing mistakes in my homework? I was asked to come up with a strange invention. So here we go.

Ever thought about breaking relationship with your beloved one because of stupid misunderstanding? Say goodbye to your never ending quarrels. From Poland comes this revolution in people`s relations. Our awesome Understalizer will make your life ten times easier! Put it close to your mouth and it`ll change bashing into constructive criticism, woman`s weeping into reasonable statements and uninteresting talk into passionate discussion. Remember, nearly 60% of all divorces are caused by easily avoidable misunderstandings. Don`t let it happen to you and your life partner! Don`t hesitate - for only £78 you can get a peaceful life.

*WARNING : This highly advanced technology makes slight mistakes when it comes to a problematic phrases. The makers accept no responsibility for "your" agreement to clean the whole house by yourself etc.

Thanks in advance!

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