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Jen McKen

A quick Spanish question!

Hey everybody :). I'm an opera-linguistics double major, putting together a recital of Spanish classical song. At the moment I'm trying to write up a decent translation of all the pieces I'll be singing, so that I can give a full translation to the audience. I speak enough Spanish to be able to manage it on my own for the most part, but in the first piece I'm a little stuck.

The song is called Preludios; It's from a Manuel de Falla set, Obras Desconocidas.
Madre, todas las noches junto a mis rejas
Canta un joven llorando indiferencia:
"Quiéreme, niña, y al pie de los altares serás bendita."
I'm not really sure how indiferencia works in this line? What exactly does it mean in this context?
Hija, lo que las niñas como tú sienten
Cuando junto a sus rejas a cantar vienen
Es el preludio del poema más
Grande que hay en el mundo.
Tornada en Santa Madre la Virgen pura
Tristezas y alegrías en ella turnan,
Y este poema es, niña, el que ha empezado junto a tus rejas.

Again, I don't understand what tornada and turnan mean exactly here.

Thanks very much! This community is really wonderful to watch; I'm just starting down the road of Linguistics and I feel as if I learn something new every time I check here.

Tags: lyrics, spanish

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