the high priestess of profundity (bobdole) wrote in linguaphiles,
the high priestess of profundity

English word order?

I'm a native speaker of English, and I'm trying to put together an ESL lesson on word order. However, I've found myself perplexed by the word order rules of my own language. I am under the impression that the basic rule for English word order is:

Subject + Verb + Object + How? + Where? + When?

For example, She sang beautifully in the play last night or I eat eggs with a spork in my kitchen every morning seem to conform to the How?/Where?/When? format. But then we have sentences like:

I usually go home by bike or He travelled across India on foot. Here the order seems to be Where?/How? (home/by bike) or (across India/on foot). Why the switch? Am I missing something completely, or is there another rule at work here?

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