petrusplancius (petrusplancius) wrote in linguaphiles,

Old Dutch names for the months

In older Dutch literature one comes across these quaint names for the months, which I find rather charming:

January:- Louwmaand (the month in which tanning, looien, is carried out)
February:- Sprokkelmaand (meaning dry stick month I think)
March:- Lentmaand (springtime month, the days are lengthening)
April:- Grasmaand
May:- Blooimand (blossoming month)
June:- Zomermaand (summer has come at last!)
July:- Hooimaand (hay-month)
August:- Oogstmaand (harvest-month)
September:- Herfstmaand (Autumn-month)
October:- Wijnmaand (Wine-month)
November:- Slaghtmaand (slaughter-month, i.e. when animals were slaughtered for the winter food-supply)
December:- Wintermaand

Some of these are probably very ancient; there is some useful information on old names for the months in the Germanic languages here:

Can anyone supply any picturesque names for the months (archaic or not) from other languages?

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