Dashdot (dashdot) wrote in linguaphiles,

Verb forms in English

Hi there,

I've just started teaching English as a foreign language and yesterday gave my students a text with various verb forms in it, which they had to correct. One of the sentences was "The film was terrifying audiences since 1970". Obviously this is wrong! And my teacher's book suggests "has been terrifying" as the right answer, but then one of the students suggested "has terrified" and I couldn't figure out a) if it's wrong and b) if it is wrong, why; or if it's another alternative correct answer, whether there's any difference in meaning between "has terrified" and "has been terrifying". I really dislike teaching grammar and having to explain what just sounds right or wrong to my ears! Can anyone help me out here? Or point me to a more appropriate community for these kind of questions?

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