Diamonds in Bohemia (twinni_two) wrote in linguaphiles,
Diamonds in Bohemia

Hi, I'm doing an "Introduction to Language" module at university and it's been going swimmingly with me finally finding out what all those weird signs you use here mean. But I have a difficult question for homework. It's given me some definitive features for /d/ as alveolar, stop, voiced and non nasal. Fair enough, but then the question says that the voiced feature can be replaced by a non aspiration, and then asks why would this be less satisfactory. I'm completely confused. I know what voiced and aspirated are but I can't see why it is less satisfactory to say /d/ is not aspirated than it is to say it's voiced. As far as I can tell it's voiced so is it less satisfactory purely because /d/ is aspirated or aspiration is irrelevant to /d/ so putting that's not aspirated would be wrong?

Also I've started my uni Spanish class. I went in and sat down and the teacher started off gabbling away and for the whole lesson I just sat there going "What? Where? How? Who?" I didn't understand a whole sentence for two hours I swear. And I couldn't understand half of my class either. One girl's accent was so thick I swear she must have been Spanish and fluent at that. I didn't get a word. By contrast I can't roll my rs and I have no idea how to sound more Spanish and less received pronounciation English. But we did the present subjunctive which I learned four years ago so I'm in a situation where I can't understand barely a single spoken word but seem better at grammar as many of my classmates learnt their Spanish in a gap year and so are fab at listening but not so good on grammar. But as the class is purely in Spanish (we can't even just give the English equivalent of a new word, we have to describe it in Spanish) I'm really stressing and worried. Is there anything I can do apart from frantically listen to Spanish radio 24/7 until my next lesson? I'm not convinced my hearing is 100% in English anyway and it's always been my problem so maybe I should check it out because if I am slightly deaf that can't be helping. Sorry for the long post but I'm worried!

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