Cold Ethyl (i_like_bats) wrote in linguaphiles,
Cold Ethyl

New member and a question.

Hi I just joined because I've been meaning to join a language-related community and now that I have a question too, it seemed appropriate. Quickly to introduce myself- I'm Leyla I'm half Turkish half Iranian and grew up in Turkey. I speak both languages though my Farsi is not as good as it was when I was little but I can understand it perfectly even if I can't quite express myself. Turkish is the main language I speak so no problems there for the most part. I also speak English (haha, apparently) and French (ish).

I've put my question behind a cut so it doesn't take up your friends list. I read the community info so I think this is allowed but if not for any reason, I apologize and please let me know so I can delete it.

anyone speak fluent Hindi and can write in the Devanagari alphabet? I want to translate a sentence to this and I need someone who is fluent and absolutely positive they can do it correctly. The sentence is, "like a dream, no end and no beginning."

I was thinking about getting it as a tattoo and just so you don't think I'm completely crazy for getting something I can't even read, permanently on me I'll tell you the story. In short, I love Madonna. I'm supposed to be little metal girl but I love Madonna go figure! But seriously yes I do. My mom has loved Madonna since her college days and she passed it on to me and my sister and Madonna has been a big part of my life growing up. Even if I don't really like all her new dancey stuff she's still my Madonna haha and she holds a lot of great memories. I even bonded with my best friend over her one day in high school and we spent an entire day at school singing her songs (we were annoying). Anyway she just had a show here in Boston and my sister and mom flew in to see it because it was basically a once in a lifetime opportunity. It was amazing. It was the best concert-going experience of my life and when she sang my favorite song, "Like A Prayer," I cried because it was so good and so powerful.

Now I've always wanted song lyric tattoos but I'm of the type that believes tattoos should have some meaning and not just be haphazardly done. That sentence is from that song and I think being in Hindi would be apt because heh Madonna had her big spiritual, "I-love-India" phase and it was still apparent at the show especially during that song. Also, my mom loves India. It's her favorite place in the world and she's actually been there 5 times in two years, we're all taking a family trip around Jaipur, Udaipur, and other places this Christmas break (we went to Delhi and around Kerala last year). I'm a big Egypt dork but because of my mom I love India too and my entire family has quite a loving relationship with the country, the food, the culture etc.

Anyway since it's a tattoo to commemorate both my mom and sister and our weirdo love for random things, I thought it would be quite nice and apt. Heh I plan on it being in white ink so it's not glaringly obvious but something for me to see. I have other glaringly obvious tattoos (3 peacock feather on my leg? Yeah I think that's enough for me). I also won't be getting it immediately if I do decide to because I like thinking things through :)

So if you can help me or point me towards anyone who can I'd appreciate it. I go to BU in Boston so I'll probably be contacting an international student association too to see if I can find someone. I want it to be accurate because I've heard too many horror stories of people going into tattoo shops to get Kanji and come out thinking they have "strength," when really it says, "tomato."

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