The Masqueraded [November Rain] (always_lovin_u) wrote in linguaphiles,
The Masqueraded [November Rain]

Language-related Careers.

I'm sure this question has been asked in different forms before, but I'm a confused college student looking for advice.

I'm a junior in college, and it took me up until this point to not only declare a major (Communication), but also to really realize that I have an interest in language. I've been taking Mandarin Chinese since I first started college. When I met someone to start practicing conversation, I realized that I liked comparing the languages and seeing similarities and differences. Then, my schedule finally opened up for an intro class in Linguistics this semester. It's hard (right now I'm trying to memorize IPA...) but I really enjoy it. Sadly, my school doesn't offer a Linguistics major, and any Linguistics classes are housed under Humanities, my minor. I've considered careers like Speech Pathology, teaching ESL, etc, but I wonder what some of my other options are. I don't think I'd ever be fluent in Mandarin, but would there be anything where even my limited knowledge would be an asset? Are there any more "behind the scenes" oriented jobs involving language?

I'm sorry if this was confusing! Looking back it looks like my thoughts were so jumbled, lol.

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