James Bongey (j_bongey) wrote in linguaphiles,
James Bongey

Many thanks!

I'm glad some of you got my joke and, equally, I'm glad I was able to trick a few of you too (all in good fun, mind you!).

I work at the computer/software store at the university here and we have some display computers which are password protected by my manager. Trying to figure out the password along-side a friend, we found that miden miden eikosi epta kai ta leipa is the password hint our manager chose. I had a feeling it was Greek, and for two reasons: (1) It just looked Greek to me, and (2) He spent much of his youth in Greece, Greek being one of the many languages he speaks.

"Nothing nothing twenty-seven and the rest" makes perfect sense to me. Our employee ID numbers are our store number plus the last four digits of our SSNs, both preceded by a double zero. Our old store number, the store we were in when we first received the computer, as you may have guessed by now, was 27. Thanks to you fine people, I am this close (|-|) to figuring out that password, so thank you.

Note: We were trying to figure out the password in order to download and install Skype on it for the purpose of playing a practical joke on another co-worker. I don't want you to think you've aided in any malicious activity.

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