Calluna V. (callunav) wrote in linguaphiles,
Calluna V.

online written Spanish buddy?

You know how one of the best ways to improve one's language proficiency is to get together with a native speaker and do a sort of language exchange? Well, I could probably use that and fortunately it's not hard to find offers. But what I really need right now is to bring my abysmal writing skills up to par with my middling-beginner-level speaking and aural comprehension skills, and it occurred to me that one way to do that was to have an e-mailed version of the language buddy system.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good way to find a native speaker of Spanish who would be up for helping me with my Spanish writing skills, possibly in exchange for help in English writing skills?

I've put an ad on Craigslist, but I'm wondering if anyone has any other thoughts.

(In practicing writing, I will automatically be practicing grammar and vocabulary. All I won't get is listening practice and pronunciation. Some of that I can manage on my own, and a lot of it I can get from my audiobooks. Sooner or later I'm going to have to take the plunge and just start hanging out with native Spanish speakers and trying to interact with them in Spanish; I know I won't get fluent without. But before I reach that point, I think this could be a useful and entertaining intermediary step.)

Any recommendations for how to find people who might be willing and interested are welcome. Any kind of Spanish is welcome, even though my focus is on Latin American Spanish, because I think, at the level I'm at, it's not going to make much difference.

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