Bolboreta (bolboreta) wrote in linguaphiles,

French websites

I need to start reading more things in French and I figure finding some online content is my best shot. The only thing in my bookmarks that is actually in French is Le Monde, and I never manage to find anything interesting on it. So, does anybody has something bookmarked that:

- Is in French. Well written French. It doesn't have to be high literature, but decent grammar and spelling would be appreciated.
- Can be visited daily (blogs, webcomics) or at least is the kind of place you can spend at least half an hour browsing.

Any sort of topic is ok, even if it's something weird. Fandom is definitely ok, and so are any sort of stories. I'm interested on current events, LGBT news, linguistics, satirical stuff, comics, geeky things... anything, really. Message boards are ok as well, but I guess that finding some were most people write properly might be a bit harder.

Thanks in advance.

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