Woody, official 'utlh and all-round good bastard (ubykhlives) wrote in linguaphiles,
Woody, official 'utlh and all-round good bastard

Aspect terminology?

I'm looking for help from anyone who knows anything about grammatical aspect. There's a verbal suffix in Ubykh that I used to think simply intensified a negative (hence I didn't do it would become roughly I absolutely did not do it), but I've just come across an example in which it is used in a question, with no trace of a negative affix. I've become of the opinion that this suffix isn't a negative intensifier, but rather means "ever" (as in Have you ever been to İstanbul?). This looks like aspect to me, but I can't find a term for this specific aspect. Do any of you know if the "ever" aspect has a specific term, and if so, what it is? Otherwise, if it isn't aspect, what would you call it?

wɜn ɕʷɨʃʷɜqʼɨnɐχ (thank you)!

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