Calluna V. (callunav) wrote in linguaphiles,
Calluna V.

Japanese vocabulary

Years ago, when I first joined my now-deceased dojo, my Sensei, bemused by the way I approached starting at the school, told me that Japanese had a word for "learning by observing" as distinct from, say, learning by being taught, learning by trial-and-error, etc.. Since then, I have off and on tried to find such a word, in bound dictionaries, Jeffery's Japanese dictionary site (and the linked Kanji-look-up utility) and Jim Breen's website, but either my Sensei was in error, it's a very obscure word, or I failed my look-up skill-test. I'd still like to know the word, if it exists. Does anyone know it, feel confident that they would know it if it existed and that therefore it doesn't, or have better search skills than I have to find it with?

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