Emilie (sliverchick) wrote in linguaphiles,


So I'm taking a class in which we're required to understand IPA, and use it, etc. for speech testing. One section of the test is word-final blends. We had to think of a word for each word final blend, for example: for /ifts/ lifts would work, or gifts.

Now there was one where no one in my class, including the teacher could come up with one: /askt/ as a word final blend. I at first put down asked, but realized that the vowel was wrong as it wasn't /a/ (as in dog). Anyone know of a word that has /askt/ in it? I was able to think of mosque for /ask/ but, nothing so far for /askt/.

Thanks in advance.

Btw, this is American English, and I'm in Utah, if that makes any difference.

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