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Mystery language

In my university's library, I came across a small volume entitled "Grammatikk ut Smürt", in a strange, quasi-Germanic language I've never seen before. In the back was a lexicon with a few featured words translated into English. I scribbled down a few of them in a notebook, and thought I'd post them here in case some expert in obscure linguistics can identify them. I'm extremely puzzled by it; I'm fluent in German, Danish, and Norwegian, and can almost see some of the connections. Anyway, here are the words I jotted down, and their corresponding English translations:

den Shraakt - horror
dat Früükt - fear
dat Spatt - argument
den Wippel - disciplinarian paddle
dat Sklappe - whip
den Tzhukker - ball gag
dat Bändning - bondage
dat Uuskrak - startled shriek
den Surtling - peasant labourer
den Sklapper - abusive master
dat Nütfell - emergency

ët flapper - to slap
ët klomper uv - to trample upon

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