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Translation request: Chinese and ?Urdu

At the weekend I went with my partner to have a look at some small-scale public art in Oxford. Apparently the Walkspace Project arose out of interviews with older local residents, eliciting memories and thoughts they associated with living in and/or walking around the area, some of which were then carved into local brick and stone walls by a stonecarver. Three of the quotations are not in English, and while I've figured one of them out, I don't have the skills to read or research the other two.

The three inscriptions (click through for larger versions) are:

Balle balle

Balle balle — apparently an expression of happiness in Hindi;

Urdu(?) inscription.

...which I take to be in Urdu, given the Perso-Arabic letter g, and the fact that Oxford has a larger Urdu-speaking than Persian-speaking community. This may have something to do with a moment of uncertainty.

And, last but not least, what is apparently a Chinese saying to do with walking:

Chinese inscription

I'd be grateful for translations — both to satisfy my own curiosity, and in order to caption them properly on flickr!
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