Don't want to be hated any more. (azazel) wrote in linguaphiles,
Don't want to be hated any more.

Another request - straight translation help this time around

Hello again. This time I've run into a slight problem. I'm trying to translate a passage in a manual (regarding how the scoring and rate system works on tenhou), but what I've concluded doesn't hold up in tests. So could anyone please translate this for me, because I'm getting serious doubt about my own translation.

- R(Rate)
  - R1500開始
  - フリー対戦のみ
  - 順位点(10-30)に同卓プレーヤの平均Rateによる補正などを行ったもの
  試合数補正: 400試合未満 1-試合数×0.002 | 400試合以上 0.2
  順位基準点(4人打ち): 1位+30 2位+10 3位-10 4位-30
  順位基準点(3人打ち): 1位+30 2位0 3位-30
  補正値: (卓の平均Rate-自分のRate)/40

Thanks in advance.

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