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I'm an exchange student in Germany and need to get credit for a science course back in the States. I have a biology course here, and my teacher wrote out a thing that I need to translate and get sent back to my American high school. Besides my biology teacher's handwriting being impossible, I'm just not generally sure of how something like this should sound in English. I want it to be good, obviously - not sound like a translation. So could first some German speakers look through to make sure my translation is accurate, and then some English speakers proof read and offer suggestions for my English so that it reads as if it were originally in English? Thanks for your help.

Genehmigung zur Vorlage ...

Der Schüler -my name- nimmt seit dem 11. Februar 2008 regelmäßig am Grundkurs Biologie teil. Dieser Biologiekurs findet in der Woche 3-stündig statt. Im Verlauf dieses Kurses hat -my name- sich mit den folgenden biologischen Themen beschäftigt:

1) Reizphysiologie
(here comes something impossible to read ... Erregungs??? und -leistung ... any guesses?)

2) Molekulargenetik
- Versuch zur Bakteriengenetik:
- Bau und Funktion von DNA und RNA

-teacher name- (signature here)
Kursleiterin GK Biologie

xxxx (signature here)


Consent for sumbission ...

Since Februrary 11, 2008, the student -my name- has been regularly participating in the basic biology course. The class is held for three hours a week. In the duration of the course -my name- has been dealing with the following biological topics:

1) Neurophysiology
( ... indecipherable handwriting ...)

2) Molecular biology
-Examination of bacterial genetics
-Structure and function of DNA and RNA
-Protein synthesis

-teacher name- (signature here)
Course instructor for basic biology

xxxx (signature here)

What I am most unsure of was "Genehmigung zur Vorlage" and how that would look in an English counterpart. Thoughts? I'd like to have this be a very clean, well edited translation, so I appreciate all your help.

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