this heart's on fire (zeteticism) wrote in linguaphiles,
this heart's on fire

Hey there, linguaphiles. Can anyone recommend an accessible text (or even a webpage) that would be useful in learning Montague semantics? I'm an undergrad approaching it without any background in predicate logic and I'm pretty well aware that I have a heck of a slog ahead of me.

I'm using Dowty, Wall and Peters' An Introduction to Montague Semantics. A friend handed me McCawley's Everything that Linguists have Always Wanted to Know about Logic ... last night, and also recommended Cann's Formal Semantics: An Introduction as a reference.

Mostly, I'd like a straightforward resource to scowl at when Dowty and his cohorts begin to sound all garden path-y. I've an instructor and a TA to fall back on if I'm really in a bind, but I'm happiest when I can figure this stuff out on my own. Any suggestions?


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