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Japanese tracklisting translation - Nausicaa Valley of the Wind

Hello all,
I have an anime soundtrack CD that I am ripping to mp3s, but I'd like to put English titles in the mp3 tags, and I can't find the corresponding info on the internet. I have found track listings that are close, but not the same. Can someone translate them for me?

I have found these two tracklistings, but they don't match the numbering on the back of my CD case. Maybe they are at least a start for someone to translate, and guesses are good for the rest :) Thankyou!

here is the CD I have:

This seems to be the regular soundtrack album:

1. Kaze no Tani no Naushika (Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind)
2. Ohmu no Bousou (Ohmu Stampede)
3. Kaze no Tani (The Valley of the Wind)
4. Mushi Mezuru Hime (The Princess Who Loves Insects)
5. Kushana no Shinryaku (Kushana's Invasion)
6. Sentou (Battle)
7. Ohmu to no Kouryuu (Interchange with the Ohmu)
8. Fukai nite (In the Sea of Corruption)
9. Pejite no Zenmetsu (Annihilation of Pejite)
10. Mehve to Korubetto no Tatakai (Battle Between Mehve and Corvette)
11. Yomigaeru Kyoshinhei (The Resurrection of the God Warrior)
12. Naushika Rekuiemu (Nausicaa Requiem)
13. Tori no Hito (Bird Person)

This is closer to what I have, I have what seems to be 2 CDs on one, one with 9 tracks and one with 11 tracks, whereas this one has 9 and 13

101 - kaze no tani no nausicaa (opening).mp3
102 - ohmu no bousou (stampede of the ohmu).mp3
103 - kaze no tani no nausicaa (the valley of the wind) yasuda narumi vocals.mp3
104 - mushi aizuru hime (a princess who loves insects).mp3
105 - kushana no shinryaku (kushana's invasion).mp3
106 - sentou (battle).mp3
107 - ohmu to no kouryuu (interchange with the ohmu).mp3
108 - kusare-umi ni te (in the polluted sea).mp3
109 - pejitei no zenmetsu (annihilation of the pejitei).mp3
110 - moewe to corvette no tatakai (battle between moewe & corvette).mp3
111 - yomigaeru kyo-kami-hei (resurrecting the god warrior).mp3
112 - nausicaa requiem.mp3
113 - tori no hito (ending - bird person).mp3

201 - kaze no densetsu (legend of the wind).mp3
202 - sentou (battle).mp3
203 - harukana (to a far away land).mp3
204 - kusare-umi (the polluted sea).mp3
205 - moewe (seagull - nausicaa's glider).mp3
206 - kyoshinhei - tokumekia gun - kushana denka (god warrior - tokumekia - princess kushana).mp3
207 - kazeno tani no nausicaa (nausicaa of the valley of the wind).mp3
208 - tooi hibi (the days long gone).mp3
209 - tani heno michi (the road to the valley).mp3

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