Ad astra per alia porci (paulistano) wrote in linguaphiles,
Ad astra per alia porci

LIBRAS and Portuguese

Hi everyone :)

I have 2 questions for you relating to Brazil.

1. Can anyone point me to some resources about Brazilian Sign Language (LIBRAS)? I “speak” ASL a bit and having seen LIBRAS used, it seems that they’re related somehow, but I can’t tell for sure. Any resources you have that explain how LIBRAS developed would be great (i.e. what language did it develop from) :)

2. My second question relates to Portuguese. As anyone who knows Portuguese can tell you, how “rr” is pronounced can vary significantly (the word "terra" for example). While many Brazilians pronounce it as an /h/, there are some that pronounce it /x/ and, although rare, some pronounce it with /r/ (like perro in Spanish). I've mainly heard the latter use from TV announcers (Faustão comes to mind).

This has me wondering about what the underlying form of these allophones is, since all 3 of these variations are easily understood by Portuguese speakers. Forgive my amateurishness in this question, but how can I figure out what the underlying form is in this environment?

ETA: Resources can be in either English or Portuguese ?)

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